Nothing in your engine workers harder than your oil. With hundreds of moving parts, and thousands of explosions every minute, it’s no wonder that engine oil needs to be changed frequently!

You’ve probably heard the old rule of thumb: Change your oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. But some car manufacturers have introduced extended oil change intervals for 5,000 miles or more between oil changes.

The key phrase here is “under the right conditions”. If you look at your owner’s manual, you’ll see two different maintenance schedules: one for “normal” driving conditions and one for “Severe Service”. Severe service driving conditions include stop and go, short trips, towing, hauling, hot, cold, and dusty driving. That’s why we often refer you to the severe service schedule in your owners’ manual, because, for most of us, that’s the way we use our cars in everyday life.

BG MOA® prevented oil oxidation and kept the engine clean throughout a 240 hour triple-length Sequence IIIF engine test.

BG Performance Oil Change Service


  • A BG 9800 tool safely and effectively cleans and removes oxidized particles and fluid contamination left behind from previous oil changes. Install new oil and filter along with BG MOA® to fortify new oil for optimum performance and engine protection. The result will be improved engine compression, increased power and increased fuel economy.

How do you know when to change your oil? It is better to be safe than sorry. 3,000 miles or three months – whichever comes first – talk with your Green & White Automotive service adviser in Spring Texas to see if that’s a good recommendation for the way you drive.

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Change your engine oil every 3000 miles or 3 months...whichever comes first.

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