It can be easy to forget about getting your transmission serviced because it doesn’t need it very often.  But proper transmission servicing keeps your car running smoothly and helps you avoid costly repairs down the road.

As the fluid gets older, it gets gritty and doesn’t lubricate and cool the transmission as well – leading to even more wear.  The fluid can actually get sludgy and plug up the maze of fluid passages inside the transmission. At best, your transmission won’t operate smoothly.  At worse, it could lead to costly damage.

When your transmission is running properly, it transfers more power from your engine to the drive wheels, and improves fuel economy. That’s why manufacturers recommend changing your transmission fluid at regular intervals.  Ask your Green & White Automotive service adviser for your vehicle's recommended service interval.

Valve body spool with heavy deposit build-up.

Valve body spool after BG Transmission service.

BG Transmission Service

Green & White Automotive in Spring, Texas offers the complete line of BG Services, including the BG Transmission Service.

Rather than just removing the fluid found in the bottom of the pan, the entire transmission is cleaned and replenished with the use of special equipment. The transmission and its torque converter have all of their old contaminated fluid removed while new fluid and premium conditioners are added.

One of the hardest working parts of your vehicle will shift smoothly and effortlessly for many more trouble-free miles.


After this service you'll notice:

  • Deposit prevention
  • Smooth operating transmission
  • Extended fluid life
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