Real customers share their experience with BG Products.

2006 Envoy runs like new

I just wanted to tell you my 2006 Envoy was knocking, had rough idle and very poor gas mileage. It's as though something was choking my engine to death. I took it to Thronhill Dealership and they performed the BG Induction Service. My 2006 Envoy runs like a new one. Wish I had heard about this product sooner!

Thank You!

Chapmanville, WV

1994 Mazda Pickup still passes inspections

I own a 1994 Mazda B2300 pick-up and when I bought it in '95, it had 60,000 miles on it. Ever since I bought it I've used BG Products and even after almost 16 years, when I have the inspection done, mechanics think that their computer testing equipment has gone bad because every year, my little old truck has passed the emissions test with results that are comparable or sometimes even better than a brand new auto. I'll always use BG Products in any vehicle I own. I even use it in my motorcycle. By the way, my Mazda is just short of having 220,000 miles on it.

James Taylor
Houston, Texas

2001 Windstar has new life with BG

I had BG service done on my 2001 Windstar including, brake system, power steering, cooling and transmission. Before the service, my van struggled to get up Decorah Hill (a rather long, very steep hill). Now my nearly 10-year vehicle easily glides up the hill. WOW what an improvement! Instead of thinking about a new car and high payments, I may get another 70K or so miles out of this one; that's nearly 10 more years and no car payments. I recommend BG services to everyone.

Deb McCarthy
West Bend, Wisconsin

BG: Best money you'll ever spend

BG is number one in my book. We bought a new 2006 GMC pick-up with a 3 year/30,000 mile warranty. BG serviced it at 20,000 miles. Less than a week ago the forward sprag failed in the tranmission necessitating replacement but the factory warranty had run out and the truck was paid off. It was immediately apparent after speaking to the BG rep that it was going to be a seamless and pleasant experience. A good friend recommended Hi-tech Transmission, Inc., Merrifield, VA, an approved BG service shop that is one of the best places I've ever worked with.

We picked up our truck last night, BG paid $2,000 toward the bill!


If you are on the fence and it seems like BG service work is a little pricy, trust me when I tell you it could be some of the best money you'll ever spend.

Sterling, Virginia

BG Protection Plan covers catastrophic failure

I bought a used VW Jetta TDI a little over a year ago. It had around 40K miles on it at the time. I decided shortly after purchasing it to get the full BG treatment simply because I thought it would be good for the car over the long term.

Around 60K to 70K miles, the transmission had a "catastrophic failure." When the transmission went out it seized so hard it broke a motor mount, cracked the block and destroyed the clutch. Luckily, I had purchased an extended warranty. However, it only covered part of the cost of repairs leaving me on the hook for yet still another $2,000 or more.

Fortunately for me, about two weeks into the ordeal, I remembered that the BG Products provided an extended warranty of their own. BG picked up the difference on the cost of the repairs.

Wow!!!!!!! What a relief that was! If the company from which I had purchased the extended warranty had been as easy to work with as BG, the entire process would have been stress free. BG stepped up to the plate and really came through. I will use BG Products on my other vehicles for the benefits of the products themselves, but I also recommend them to other people for the added piece of mind.

Eric Berne

Added peformance for 1997 Sebring

I have been using your products for a year now. I am very impressed by the added mileage and pep increase in my 1997 Chrysler Sebring convertible. I recommend BG to all my friends, and will continue to use BG for as long as I drive... great product!

Allan D Richley
North Royalton, OH

BG Diesel Injection Service immediate results

I operate a 1994 Freightliner COE with over 1.5 million actual miles. I was asked if I thought my vehicle could use an injector cleaning. With well over a million miles, it probably needed more than that.

Immediately after the BG Diesel Injection Service I noticed increase power, throttle movement was improved as well as fuel economy. No, I am not getting 10 miles per gallon, as some would claim, but a definite improvement.

I think that BG has a good product and I'm sure you will gain horsepower and fuel economy improvement.

John Owen

Freightliner Improved Performance

I recently had a BG Diesel Injection Service performed at a location in Richmond, VA. I am pleased to respond that the claims are true. My wife and I currently operate over the road as a team throughout the contingent United States. Our 2007 Freightliner Classic with a Detroit Diesel Series 60 does a really good job. I heard about BG products, but like so many other products out there today, one must experience to believe. My 60 had just turned 500,000 miles and maybe lost a little edge.

The very first trip after the BG Diesel Injection Service, I experienced surprising results! On our way to California, we felt improved throttle response and increased horsepower. I have not yet noted the fuel economy improvement, but I'm sure it will follow... based on the other areas of improvement.

I very seldom promote products, but feel confident in suggesting that you try BG products and find out for yourself.

Robin and Alan Schrader

No repairs at 200K miles using BG

I just sold my 200K Ford Ranger and I'm proud to say that I never once had to take it in for repairs. I maintained it regularly with BG's fuel and oil services. What a great maintenance program! I just bought a new 2002 Sports Trac and it's on the BG program. I recommend BG to everyone I can. I even bought BG products for my family for Christmas. I just thought I ought to call and tell you thanks for making such great products.

Wichita, KS

2005 Lexus 330 ES Transmission Service

Several weeks back I had a BG Transmission Service performed on my 2005 Lexus 330 ES. It has around 49,000 miles on it. We purchased this car with 7,000 miles on it in February of 2006.

Interestingly, the flush solved an issue that had been a small problem since we purchased the car. I took the car to the Lexus dealer about a necessary pedal travel before the car would make an initial starting motion. I was told that this was normal. I didn't think that sounded quite right but the dealer said it was normal and I have a service slip which says that.

To my total surprise when I picked the car up after the transmission flush the hesitation was and is still GONE! I have had no other work done on this car so I can only conclude that the flush cleaned out whatever was causing the hesitation in acceleration, what a pleasant surprise!

Sincerely yours,
Bobby L. Jones
Broken Arrow, OK

1976 Scottsdale runs like new with BG 44K®

My dad Eric bought his pick-up truck new and was preparing to sell it a couple of weeks ago when he asked me, a technician, to 'tune it up.' I did and I added a can of BG 44K® to the gas tank.

The next day he called me up all excited and said, “What did you do to this truck? It runs like brand new!” When I told him about the 44K he replied, “Well, it's running so good, I'm not going to sell it. I'll keep it!”

Glenn Jensen
Richmond, VA

Chevy Celebrity still runs like a champ

I own a 1989 Chevrolet Celebrity that has been in my family since new. I bought it from my father in 1992 with 34,000 miles on it. I changed the oil about every 7,000 to 8,000 miles and used MOA® every oil change at the advice of my mechanic.

The car now has about 340,000 miles on it, and it has never has an internal engine repair… never. It is now being used by my 19-year-old son to deliver pizzas. This has to be the toughest type of driving for any engine, let alone one with 340,000 miles.

My mechanic cannot believe this engine. It still runs like a champ, and does not use oil or smoke. Still don't add oil between 7,000 mile oil changes.

Thank you,
Jim Angelini
Washington, PA

1991 Honda going strong with 500K+ miles

I am writing to thank you for making outstanding car care products. I own a 1991 Honda CRX HF automobile with 571,774 miles and still running. BG MOA® has been used in my CRX since I drove it off the showroom floor 15 years ago.

Also the fuel system cleaner has been used every 30K and I still get 52 miles per gallon in highway/city driving. Of course, it still has the original engine that shows no signs of slowing down and does not burn oil at this time.

I do change the oil every 3,700 miles.

The chemicals used in BG products are top notch and I would recommend them to everybody! Thanks again and keep striving to produce the best engine performance additives in the world!

Richard J. Kerr

1988 Sunbird valves look and function like new

I am a retired post graduate British mechanical engineer who cannot praise the above product enough. In fact, I have good reason to believe this product alone is the main factor in achieving a longevity of 160K miles with the 4-cylinder 2.L engine in my 1988 Pontiac Sunbird, since I have used it regularly since the car was new. I am astounded by the fact that the ignition compression of the engine is the same now as when the engine was new.

Also, my maintenance costs have been very low because of this product such that the original EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve still functions correctly on the car.

It is worthy of note, I took the head off the engine after 100K miles and the valves and the valve seats looked like new and had no carbon deposits, as well as the fact that the valve springs were functioning correctly. I have had no problems with the single point fuel injector either.

Many thanks,
John A. Griffiths
Newport News, VA

Yukon truck lunges like a tiger

Last spring my service advisor at the dealership, Timothy McCabe, recommended your fuel service for my truck, as well as some additional parts.

When I picked up the Yukon G/T, I thought the total was high, until the drive home.

Your service instantly turned my strong GMC, (350 V-8, OPT Gear), into a lunging tiger! Funny-car throttle response, followed by chirping tires, made for a long summer for my wife, who often glared and kept a firm hold on a grab handle.

Despite stop light shenanigans, gas mileage improved—18 mpg (with your foot in it). 20 mpg on some trips.

And the dreaded New Jersey Emissions test? Sailed through—in front of a group of traveling execs—who were so stunned at the low numbers, my poor Yukon got extra dyno time!

But the most amazing part was the comparison to my last inspection. My truck was running cleaner and stronger at 45,000 miles than at 30!

Now to be fair, I grew up in a heavy-diesel garage, and watched my Father's mechanics check injectors on a bench, forced spraying at a paper target. Poorly performing tips were simply replaced. So I was skeptical about how well your chemical solution would work—until that first drive home.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Yours truly,
D.P. O'Shea
Pennington, NJ

1979 Porsche exceeds expectations

I have used your products at times in my vehicles for the past 10 to 15 years. I have seen very good results in the 44K®, and have used the MOA® at times as well. My mechanic and friend told me how your products are, and I did notice the difference.

The main reason I am writing this to you is to tell you about the latest use of one of your products. About a year ago I bought a 1979 Porsche 928. It has 98,000 miles and had been parked for about the last two years. I put a can of 44K® in the car the second fill up. It made a big improvement in the fuel system. After I had the car for a little while I noticed that it burned quite a bit of oil at higher RPMs. With normal driving the car showed no signs of smoke, but when I pushed it close to redline, blue smoke pours out of the tail pipe making a fantastic smoke screen. At the advice of my mechanic, I added a can of MOA® (eight quart oil capacity) and kept driving the car. It only took about 20 miles to notice a difference, the RPM at idle went up from 750 to 1000 and the engine was smoking less already. I have now driven about 300 miles since the MOA® was added and the engine now smokes very little, even at full throttle and at 6,500 RPM.

I have always been impressed with your products, but I never would have expected that kind of results. You have a very happy customer that will continue to use your products, and I will tell everyone I can how they worked for me.

Thank you,
Larry Roberts
Monte Vista, CO

1998 Grand Marquis runs better than ever

I am writing regarding a service I had done to my 1998 Grand Marquis Mercury at the Lincoln/Mercury Legacy dealership in Orlando, Florida, where a Fuel Induction Service was performed.

The Service Advisor at Legacy Lincoln/Mercury, Mr. Wayne Pipkin, highly recommended that I had two other things that needed to be done. He also indicated that I would be so satisfied with the product that I would be calling him back.

Mr. Pipkin was totally right. My car is running 100% better, and it has the same power it had when I purchased it in 1998. The idling is so smooth that I think at times that it had cut-off.

I also talked to your local manager, Deborah, in Lake Wales, Florida, who was very professional and polite. She also recommended that I ask for the MOA® Motor Oil Additive on my next service, which will clean the engine (oil system) throughout.

Thank you for providing such fine products.

Frank Serra
Orlando, FL

1994 Chevy van sustains life with BG MOA®

My name is Tim Hall. I am writing to share a unique story. I purchased my 1994 Chevrolet G-30 Sport van in 1998 used from Lakewood Fordland in Lakewood, Colorado. It was a Dynastar Ski demo and sales van, originally sold at Shearer Chevrolet in Vermont. At that time it had 133,000 miles on the odometer. When the vehicle was restarted (after being run) a main bearing knock was present till oil pressure came up. With the engine fully warmed up at a stoplight in "drive" the oil pressure would be in the red area on the gauge. At cruise the gauge would read approximately 15 PSI.

I changed all the fluids in the vehicle. Oil, Trans, Diff, power steering, coolant, packed front bearings and grease for the steering, lubricated all bushings, etc. I use BG line of products for this, as I have always.

Because of the low oil pressure, I changed the oil again the next week and another can of MOA®. A couple days later I was driving up Interstate 70 just out of Denver, Colorado. Climbing the mountain, the tappets started making noise. I pulled over to find the oil full and looking fine. The noise subsided after idling a bit and when I came home I again changed the oil. I cut apart the old filter. It was full of small crystal like pieces of hard oil sludge. From that day on, the oil pressure would sit at 25 PSI hot in gear at an idle. And would come up to 70 PSI at a cruise.

I use my vehicle hard. I don't abuse it (maybe now and then), and I don't make excuses for it. I tow with it, and it has been all over America. It has never left me stranded.

At 148,000 miles I installed a new set of rod and main bearings just to ensure its longevity. Today it shows 343,000 miles on the odometer. What is most impressive is that this vehicle still does not use oil within my 2,500-3,000-mile oil change interval.

Here is a vehicle that would have been thrown away shortly after purchase if most anyone else had owned it. Proper maintenance is huge and the line of BG products has extended my vehicle's life. I have had a used engine sitting ready for five years now. I expect to get 400,000 miles out of this engine.

Tim Hall
Greenville, SC

1997 Ford F250 improves performance

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the following services performed on my 1997 Ford F-250 PowerStroke diesel truck. As you know, the services included a BG Diesel Fuel Injection Service, BG Engine Oil Treatment, BG MGC Gear Concentrate, and BG ATF Transmission Fluid Conditioner.

The truck was running fine when I brought it in but there were noticeable performance improvements after the service was completed. Here are just a few of the results:

  • The engine runs smoother.
  • The engine is easier to start, especially in cold weather.
  • I now notice a significant reduction in black smoke discharged on a cold start.
  • The engine is more responsive now and requires less of a need to put your foot into it.
  • The transmission shifts smoother.
  • A significant improvement in acceleration.

My emissions test was due; I compared last year's test results to this year after the service was completed. The emission output at the 60MPH level was 10% cleaner than last year's result. The technician at the emissions station said that my truck was running substantially cleaner than most other PowerStroke diesels he tests of similar age and mileage.

This truck has over 157,000 miles on it; I have owned it for over 4 years and use it to haul my 9.5' slide-in camper and tow a 20' Crestliner fishing boat with all the gear imaginable over mountain passes Colorado and Wyoming. I need all the power and help I can get! I will definitely have this service performed again at the recommended mileage interval.

I have known about these fuel and oil additives for quite some time, but was uncomfortable with their use. You, Doug and Ron really added the expertise and knowledge required to get the full benefit from these BG products.

I cannot wait until the BG Induction Service is available for my diesel truck.

Thanks to the crew at Budget Transmission!

John Sphatt
Centennial, CO

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